Image of Roma @ Herma Auguste Wittstock. 2010. Rome

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Wittstock Herma Auguste 2010 Image of Roma 2

- WITTSTOCK Herma Auguste, Image of Roma, Fondazione Volume!, Rome.

5 hours/live performance

I lie sideways on a Roma couch. I wear a strapless, long dress which I crocheted. it has tree different colours. From the breast till the belly botton it is red, from the belly botton till the knees it is white and from the knees till the floor it is green. My hair has a high putting hair-style from the 50’s.

Bit by bit I unravel the dress. A green wool ball come into beeing and the dress gets shorter and shorter. I spool the white ball faster.

The red and last part I unravel fastest. Bit by bit my whole body is visual till I lie naked sideways on the Roman couch and the dress are just three wool balls. I put the wool balls between my legs. I stay in this position.

Photo/video: Ridolfi Federico.

Wittstock Herma Auguste 2010 Image of Roma 3 Wittstock Herma Auguste 2010 Image of Roma 4

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