Image of München 3- Maximilianstrasse @ Herma Auguste Wittstock. 2012. Munich

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Wittstock Herma Auguste 2012 Image of München 3-Maximilian Wittstock Herma Auguste 2012 Image of München 3-M-copie-1

- WITTSTOCK Herma Auguste,  Image of München 3-Maximilianstrasse, 2012, Galerie des Künstler, München.

9 hours/live performance

On 13 sequential days I locally work each day on a new durational performance the Image of München series.

I wear a white traditional blouse from this area and a short crochet skirt. The skirt is chequered and white and blue. Thereto I wear high heels and my har are braid to plaits.

In the first part of this piece I walk along the Maximilianstrasse. In front of each expensive branded shop I pose in same posture like the puppets ar behind the shop windows. Without movement I stay in this for a while, after I pose in front of the next shop.

In the second part of this piece I am inside the gallery. Two socles are build steplike. Each posture I pose one hour without a movement. I change in eight different postures.

Photo/video: Herma Auguste Wittstock.

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