Image of Amsterdam @ Herma Auguste Wittstock. 2010. Amsterdam

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Wittstock Herma Auguste 2010 Image of Amsterdam 2 Wittstock Herma Auguste 2010 Image of Amsterdam 3

- WITTSTOCK Herma Auguste, Image of Amsterdam, 2010, WG-Terrein, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

4 hours/live performance

This performance take place in different locations. I wear a dark purple dress and chequered black-purle tights. I wear black patent leather boots with silber buckles and huge heels and a leather neckband with rivets. The hair looks short, it is wanged into short pigtails.

Every hour I move to a different location. I start at a huge stone. I squat one hour in front of the stone and blow soap bubbles on the stone. The bubbles burst.

In the second hour I sit next to a pier in the middle of a road. Cars drive to the right and left on me. I blow the soap bubbles on the red  stones of the pier, the bubbles burst again.

In the third hour I stand in front of a huge birch tree. I blow the soap bubbles on the tree trunk. The bubbles take on the trunk for a while and little bubble hills spring up till they burst again.

In the fourth hour I stand in front of a window and blow the soap bubbles at the glass of the window.

The bubbles stick to the glass and huge bubble shapes spring up.

Photo/video: Astrid van Sterkenburg

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