Hero @ Darryl Sapien. 1980-81

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SAPIEN Darryl, Hero, 1980-81. Videotape. Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport, Ca. Victoria Theater, San Francisco, Ca., with Menno Meyjes, Saun Ellis, and J. E. Freeman. « Hero » explored aspects of the ‘hero myth’ in popular and archétypal forms. The performance explored the meanings of maleness and machismo as its two protagonists searched for a path to manhood encountering contemporary stereotypes and archetypal role models ; superheroes and culture heroes. Throughout the performance they were guided by a tutelary female goddess who directs, advises, and criticizes them alon the way.

Sapien Darryl Hero 80 1Sapien Darryl Hero 80 2Sapien Darryl Hero 80 3Sapien Darryl Hero 80 4Sapien Darryl Hero 80 5Sapien Darryl Hero 80 6

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