Hand Generated Light @ Richard Alpert. MOCA. 1975

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- ALPERT Richard, Hand Generated Light, Museum of Conceptual Art, San Francisco, Ca., 1975. 

Performed in MOCA’s Second Generation series.

« The performance was situated in a room adjacent to the main exhibition space. Attached to the front of the door, the only entrance to the room, was a small light-bulb. For the duration of the three-hour show, I was in the room with the door locked from the inside generating electricity from a hand-crank generator to the lightbulb. The amount of electricity that I could produce varied over the length of the exhibition, causing the light emitted from the bulb to fluctuate, going from intensely bright to barely visible, but never completely going out. Corresponding to the degree of light intensity were the accompanying vibrations felt in the floor outside the room. »

Alpert Richard Hand Generated Light MOCA 75

Alpert Richard Hand Generated Light 75 2

Alpert Richard Hand Generated Light 75 3

Alpert Richard Hand Generated Light 75 4

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