Group Primary Accumulation @ Trisha Brown. 1973

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Brown trisha Group Primary Accumulation 73

Brown Trisha Group primary Accumulation 73 2

- BROWN Trisha. Group Primary Accumulation, 1973.

« …In the past five years I have been associated with the construction of mammoth props and technical systems that enable human beings to walk on walls, walk down a seven-story building or appear to be free falling or suspended in neutral space – works in which the main preoccupations are anti-gravity and ordinary movement appearing in extraordinary circumstances.

My current work – accumulation – is a solo performance concerned solely with movements – no props, no music. The structure of the piece is rigid, the movement predetermined. Repetition has the effect of blurring the image, much as a word repeated over and over again loses its original meaning – ocean becoming notion, etc. The performance is a live process of keeping vigil over the integrity of each gesture. »

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