Fuck You Purdue @ Howard Fried. 1971

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The work refers to Fried’s brother, Billy, and his Marine Corps drill instructors, Purdue and Ward.

« Rumbles : Howard Fried », Avalanche, no. 4, Spring 1972, p. 4. Brief description of two of Fried’s videotapes, Fuck You Perdue, a 25 mins. Tape shown in The San Francisco/Performance, Newport Harbor Art Museum, Sea Sell Sea Sick at Saw/Sea Soar, a 55 mins. Tape shown at the Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco, San Francisco. Extrait : « Fuck You Perdue is a dialogue between two confined people whose life spaces overlap, and refers to Fried’s brother Billy, whose drill instructors in the Marines were called Purdue and Ward ; their sole verbal exchanges when off-duty were restricted to the words in the title. »

Fried Howard Fuck You Purdue 1971

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