Fresh Blood : A Dream Morphology @ Carolee Schneemann. 1981

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SCHNEEMANN Carolee, Fresh Blood : A Dream Morphology. Dual slide projection system with dissolve unit, pre-recorded and spoken text. Sound collage. Live relay vidéo feeds into four monitors. Red umbrella, red pajamas, watering can, door, raised table, etc. 1981-87. Based on a menstrual dream which asks the question « what do a red umbrella and a bouquet of dried flowers stuffed with little dolls have in common ? » The resulting iconography of related images combine « V » symbols from the human body, other organic forms, sacred artifacts, common objects to form the projection sequence. CS is joined by her double – a black woman as nurse, judge, western union – they présent unconscious and active links in a shared history which is personal, racial, political and sexual. « Fresh Blood – A Dream Morphology » posited female physical exposure the féminine as normative. In examining our most taboo viscerality I was built an ethos in which male phobias were eliding. I would invert the projects of the unsanity leakage, abject, I could posit all the wet bloody cyclic not only in its physically, but in a conceptual frame of positive range so that the phobic masculine would have to shrivel and cower…the functions of my body would not be symptomatic or all that is not male. » (C.S.)

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