Exploration @ Alvaro Villalobos. 2013. Sao Paulo

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Villalobos Alvaro 2013 Exploration 1

- VILLALOBOS Alvaro, Exploration, 2013, Sao Paulo.

Hemispheric Institute Encuentro, 2013. Photo. Alvaro Villalobos.

A research exercise on the typology of place and interaction with its inhabitants, asking questions to understand our surroundings. What is most important here? What is significant that might not be obvious? How is a place idealized? What should be changed and how? data collected will be deposited in an urn as a collective daydream to be buried in a public square, the act of storing, rather than displaying.



Villalobos Alvaro 2013 Exploration 2

Villalobos Alvaro 2013 Exploration 3

Villalobos Alvaro 2013 Exploration 4

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