Emmascarats @ Fina Miralles. 1976

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Miralles Fina Emmascarats 1976

- MIRALLES Fina, Emmascarats, 1976.

As a member of the school of conceptual Catalan art from the 1970s, Fina Miralles (1950, Spain) early works were strongly influenced by Arte Povera, land art and an incipient environmentalist-feminist thought. The art-life binomial runs through her whole artistic production and is reflected in an attitude toward nature which is not just intellectual but also bodily and physical. The physical properties of natural materials: sand, stones, seaweed, trees and the sea, acquire in her work a fundamental weight, and are, at the same time, linked to a rediscovered feminine symbology, in opposition to the dominant culture.

The series of photographs Emmascarats protests against the silent violence carried out against the female body in a repressive society. The variations on the covering of the face conjugate women’s inability to express, communicate and receive, leading to the disappearance and negation of their own identity, and eventually, to their invisibility. In the 1980s Fina Miralles devoted herself to painting. In her series Fragments, the immersion of the body in the landscape was still an essential element in that phase, where she took her work a step further, delving into her inner psychological landscape.


Miralles Fina Emmascarats 1976 1


Miralles Fina Emmascarats 1976 2


Miralles Fina Emmascarats 1976 3


Miralles Fina Emmascarats 1976 4

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