EgoSong @ Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. 2005-2006

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Rasmussen Lilibeth C. EgoSong 2005-2006

- RASMUSSEN Lilibeth Cuenca, EgoSong, 2005-2006

In EgoSong the artist herself poses in a sun suit, a singing metaphor for the egotism and self-absorption that appears to take on an ever more prominent position as religion and driving force within the western world. An ironic social commentary, which also points to the paradox that egoism, depends on external validation. Live performance. Refrain. Call it a Freudian slip So wonderful to be on an ego trip Affection is stimulation of my soul. and pleasing my Ego is my goal I do worship the flavor of grace I subsist on attention and praise How to handle responsability When selfishness is the utility.


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