Dona arbre @ Fina Millares. 1973

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Millares Fina Dona arbre 1973

- MIRALLES Fina, Dona-Arbre. Sèrie Translacions, 1973.

Fina Miralles (1950 Spain) studied in Barcelona from 1968 to 1972. Today, she lives and works in Cadaques. She explores the relationships between humans, nature and objects, and analyzes the transformation and alienation of natural objects when taken out of context. She works with different media, including painting, performance and video. She rediscovered painting again in the late 1970s.

Dona-Arbre. Sèrie Translacions (Three Woman. Passages Series), belongs to one of her earliest series on natural/artificial duality. Trhough the conceptual and physical passage of natural and physical elements, emerges a play of decontextualisation and re-contextualisation which reveals the distance which joins and separates us from the natural realm. The identification of women with the creative force of nature is carried out from the literal insertion of the artist’s body in the landscape, penetrating the land and creating a new and powerful reinterprettion of the stereotypical image of women as mother-earth, mother-woman, in relation to telluric forces in the face of an intensely patriarchal society.

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