Dirty Old Women @ Ines Doujak. 2005

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Doujak Ines Dirty old women 2005

- DOUJAK Ines, Dirty Old Women, 2005. Salzburger Kunstverein. (photo: Rainer Iglar & Herman Seidl)

In her photography, collages, installations and performances, Ines Doujak (1959, Austria) explores social constructions, such as stereotypes, gender roles, colonialism and racism. During her first solo exhibition at the Wiener Secession in 2002, she also participated in the Vienna ‘Regenbogenparade’, the equivalent of Christopher Street Day, with a specially designed float. Doujak uses visual language, which she understands as the dominant force in the creation of normative assumptions, to formulate her questioning of prevailing media images.

Dirty Ol Women is a series of projects in 2004-2005 that reflect on the visibility and experience of older women in today’s society. Based on the consciousness raising groups of the 1970s, Ines Doujak held seminars for groups of women in Barcelona, Vienna and Salzburg, where she also developed images of young people, the elderly, love and sexuality, which were distributed as posters in public spaces. Based on this research, Doujak then staged a live fashion show on a monumental catwalk at Kunstverein Salzburg, creating multilayered, provocative costumes together with the models, who were aged 55-68.

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