Defoliation Piece @ Terry Fox. 1970

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Fox Terry Defoliation Piece 1970

- FOX Terry, Defoliation Piece, University Art Gallery, Berkeley, Ca., 1970. 

Fox with flame thrower burns rare flowers before an unsuspecting audience. « This was my first political work. I wanted to destroy the flowers in a very calculating way. By burning a perfect rectangle right in the middle, it would look as though someone had destroyed them on purpose. The flowers were Chinese jasmin planted five years ago which were to bloom in two years. It was also a theatrical piece. Everyone likes to watch fires. It was making a beautiful roaring sound. But at a certain point people realized what was going on - the landscape was being violated; flowers were being burnt. Suddenly everyone was quiet. One woman cried for twenty minutes. »  Willougby Sharp. « Elemental Gestures : Terry Fox », Arts Magazine, vol. 44, May 1970, pp. 48-51. (See also Terry Fox. San Francisco : Reese Palley, 1970. An exhibition catalogue includes a short essay by Willoughby Sharp and five pages of photographs of Amsterdam from July 19, 1968, 11 A.M.-Noon) 

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