Cyclus-X @ Melati Suryodarmo. 2009

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Suryodarmo Melati 2009 Cyclus-X 1

- SURYODARMO Melati, Cyclus-X, 2009.

I was interested to observe the mmeaning of urban movement, migration and being homeless. Clothes have the practical function but also represent the personality and become the symbol of status. I was interested to all the female workers whose life devoted to become a maid in foreign country like Taiwan. This is a social issue in my country, and in fact a very sad issue.

This performance was the beginning of my direct perception of a place and a site specific oriented.

Materials: ca. 100 pieces of clothes, ropes, knife.

Duration: 3 hours

Performed at Artrend-performance art meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009.

Suryodarmo Melati 2009 Cyclus-X 2

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