Corner Push @ Terry Fox. 1970

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« When we were moving Tom (Marioni?) out of his studio, I noticed a brick wall in an alley. I went over and started feeling it. Then I started pushing. When I did that, I realized what that wall was, what material strength it had. I don’t think I could say what that meant to me right now. » (Willougby Sharp. « Elemental Gestures : Terry Fox », Arts Magazine, vol. 44, May 1970, pp. 48-51.)

— « Terry Fox…’I Wanted My Mood to Affect Their Looks’ », Avalanche, no. 2, Winter 1971, pp. 70-81. An interview. Extrait :

« (Avalanche) : What do you see as your earliest body work ?

(Fox) : The Push Wall piece. I twas like having a dialogue with the wall, exchanging energy with it. I pushed as hard as I could for about eight or nine minutes, until I was too tired to push anymore…

(Avalanche) : What other work out of that…

(Fox) : Pushing myself into a corner at Reese Palley in San Francisco. That was the negative of the Push Wall piece. A corner is the opposite of a wall. That was a short piece, it was hard to do. I was trying to push as much as of my body as I could into the corner. My feet got in the way. I tried to stand on my toes, but I didn’t work. You lose your balance. »

— (See also Terry Fox. San Francisco : Reese Palley, 1970. An exhibition catalogue includes a short essay by Willoughby Sharp and five pages of photographs of Amsterdam from July 19, 1968, 11 A.M.-Noon)

Fox Terry Corner Push 1970

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