Concert for Woman 1968/Gestures on the Piano 1972 @ Giuseppe Chiari

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Chiari G. Concert for woman 68 gestures on the piano 72

- CHIARI Giuseppe, Gestures on the Piano, 1972.
(see 1968: Concert for Woman)

« Concert for Woman, 1968

Gestures on the Piano, 1972

I have written pieces for the human body such as Concert for Woman (1968) and Doing Something with One’s Body and the Wall (1966). In the first one, the main part consists of soft, extremely varied noises which can be obtained by blowing into a woman’s hair. In the second one, any variation whatsoever is right; as long as noises are produced by beating one’s body against the wall.

However, I want to make it clear that as far as I am concerned the body is a thing like anything else. I have written pieces for the woman, but also for the bicycle, for the necklace, for the tape-recorder, for the TV set, for the city, for a sheet of paper, for a stone, for anything whatsoever. Perhaps the piece in which the human body has the most important function is Gestures on the Piano. By starting with the hypothesis that the keyboard of a piano is a long white strip, that man does not know the existence of the keys, that man though is aware that whatever gestures he makes, the keyboard will return it as a noise having the same expression, I proposed a whole technique of gestures.

And, in effect, during the years that I performed this piece, my hands, arms, shoulders, and face, had an opportunity to liberate themselves. The same effect was esperienced by other performers like Frederic Rzewski, Giancarlo Cardini, Jean-Charles François… Perhaps this was a piece of gestures… a piece for hands, arms, face, shoulders… and the piano underlined only these gestures… »

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