Bollos @ Cabello/Carceller. 1996

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Cabello:Carceller Bollos 1996

- CABELLO/CARCELLER, Bollos, 1996.

The artistic team of Cabello/Carceller (1963, France/1964, Spain) was constituted in the 1990s. The duo focuses their visual research on the questioning of hegemonic and one-way modes of visual representation. The construction mechanisms of masculine and feminine identity and the exposure of stereotypical social behaviour are dealt with in their work from different perspectives and through a multidisciplinary artistic practice, which includes video, photography, installation, drawing and writing.

The camera records the action of the artists, seated in front of spectators in a position that is both challenging and calm, slowly eating two cream puffs. The word ‘bollo’ is used in Spain to refer negatively to lesbians, but it is also the generic word for sweet pastries. The artists are literally eating the pastries, thus chewing and transforming language.

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