Blanc #8 @ BBB Johannes Deimling. 2012. Bergen. Norvège

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Deimling BBB Johannes 2012 blanck #8 1

- DEIMLING BBB Johannes, Blanc #8, 2012, photo : Monika Sobczak.

300 minutes

pab-international performance art festival, old prison, bergen, norway

- the floor of the prison cell is covered with 200 kg flour-flowers were laying underneath the white cover

- on the four walls are 4 big paper sheets attached

- sitting on a small bench all over covered with flour-holding a bouquet of roses in my hands

- moving extremely slow motion during the 5 hours

- leaving tracks in the flower

- painting with the petals of the flowers and the roses flowers on the papers

- erasing with charcoal all the painted flowers

- collecting all the flour in the middle of the cell and laying down

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