Barbed Hula @ Sigalit Landau. 2001

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- LANDAU Sigalit, Barbed Hula, 2001. Vidéo. Plage de Tel Aviv.

Born in 1969 in Jerusalem, Sigalit Landau studied at the Bezabel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem (when she earned a BFA in 1993) She took part in an exchange programme at Cooper Union School of Art, NYC, from 1990 to 1994. She currently lives in Tel Aviv. Since 1995, she had had many solo and group exhibitions in many international venues, such as the MoMA in New York, the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

This work features the artist standing naked on an Israëli beach between Jaffa and Tel Aviv, dancing the hula with a hoop made of barbed wire. The work oscillates between profanity, with her playful swinging of the hoop, and religion insofar as the artist’s performance refers to ritual, flagellation and self-sacrifice. As in many of her video, installation, performance and sculpture works, the artist is concerned here with the deformation of the self, also against the backdrop of the current political situation in Israel. With this in mind, Barbed Hula also acquires a sociopolitical dimension through the implications of the border conflicts between Israel and Palestine symbolised by the barbed wire and juxtaposed with the vulnerability of the human body.

 This act of desensitization -spinning a hula hoop of barbed wire- I performed at sunrise on a southern beach of Tel-Aviv, where fishermen and old people come to start their day and exercise. The beach is the only calm and natural border Israel has. Danger is generated from history into life and into the body. In this video loop I am performing a hula delly dance. This is a personal and senso-political act concerned with invisible, sub-skin borders, surrounding the body actively and endlessly. All my work relates, in one way or another, to a loss of orientation. the pain here is escaped by the speed of the act, and the fact that the spikes of the barbed wire are mostly turned outwards.


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