Attempt to Enrich Ciam's Personality @ Giorgio Ciam. 1972

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Ciam Giorgio attempt to enrich Ciam's personality 72 1

- CIAM Giorgio, Attempt to Enrich Ciam’s Personnality, 1970 (photo)

« Sixteen canvases: one has photographic reproduction of my face, the other fifteen, on which my image has been printed, reproduce a series of expressive faces for me: Fontana, Duchamp, Pistoletto, a typical murderer, etc. Roughly speaking, my intervention consisted in removing those parts of my face which were not common to the selected individual. The only constants are the eyes and the chin with the scar, around which the drawing/painting operation defined itself. I used color and pencil to obtain the images that interested me. The canvases must be viewed in succession and not separately, in order to establish a continuous comparison with the unit of measure. » 

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