Ana @ Günther Brus. 1964

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Brus gunther Ana 1964

- BRUS Günter, Ana, 1964. (actionnisme)

« A movable feast…

A happy, pleasant, languid life…

The water is flowing. A duck is swimming on the water.

The so-called undertow swirls around. Aquatic birds glide by quickly.

Far off, a pebble drops into the water: another undertow.

The sky is full of stars. The bespectacled ones are looking up.

Some think that the celestial bodies are dragged by art.

A double paragraph indicates Jupiter’s bottom.

Strange, someone is lying ove there, someone turns, he scratches himself because he is itchy. A beautiful piece of horizon, if one looks around.

Splintered night eyeglasses. Light penetrates inside them. 

In front of the first zone

the one near the first man

is singing in the second row

a song for vagabonds

and his melody sounds

like the “consecration of reality.“

What evidence? What a start for the artists who find themselves in front of the door which is opening! And an anonymus participant in the feast, in a dignified manner, arrests his neighbor:

a chain reaction!

(You didn’t happen to hear about “little bodies“?…)

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