Allmydirtyblueclothes @ Howard Fried. 1969-70

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Catalogue of an exhibition, June 16-July 11, 1970. Text is divided into « accumulation », « establishment », and « disestablisment » ». Excerpt from « establishment » :

« Formerly, my blue clothing and the symbols that best identify them to me were in a position of constant arbitration. My object is to retire the elements of this piece and protect them from unsolicited physical arbitration. By tieing the clothing one to the next and by drawing the symbols on the wall, a gesture to finalize their arrangement is made. Simply placing the clothes and symbols in a room wouldn’t reduce their mobility sufficiently. A shirt might be kicked across the room or symbols might be rearranged altering the function of the clothing and/or the meaning of the symbols. While a tied shirt might be untied and then kicked across the room, this would be in conscious and direct violation of my implicit intentions which are apparent both in the performance and the resulting piece. A minor rearrangement such as a chance kick without first untieing the clothes would not castrate my intention or after the piece’s function. A more drastic measure to render the relationship static would only serve to enunciate my intent while actually still failing to achieve it since total control is impossible. »

— Jean Jaszi, « Allmydirtyblueclothes », Artweek, v. 1, June 27, 1970, p. 3. Review for a performance at Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco. Extrait :

« Howard Fried wrote about his work, « The subject of the performance and the resultant piece is all my dirty blue clothes and those symbols which best identify these clothes to me. These symbols are letters of the English alphabet and arabic numerals ». Fried arranged the clothes on the floor and marked the symbols on the wall in a carefully reasoned sequence… In summing up his description of the work « Allmydirtyblueclothes » Howard Fried also stated : « Everyactionisapotentialmistake ». »

Fried Howard Allmydirtyblueclothes 69-70

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