Allan Fish Drinks a Case of Beer @ Tom Marioni. 1972

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Marioni Tom Allan Fish Drinks a Case of Beer 1972

- MARIONI Tom (as Allan Fish), Allan Fish Drinks a Case of Beer, Reese Palley Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 1972.

Marrioni creates a situation and enviroment while becoming increasingly more intoxicated over an approximately 8 hour period of time, and simultaneously playing a congo drum, tape recorder, radio, television set and record player to make a barrage of sound.

— Hilla Futterman, « Activity as Sculptures; Tom Marioni Discusses His Work with Hilla Futterman, » Art & Artists, v.8, August 1973, pp.18-21. Excerpts:

« And then I had a show at the Reese Palley Gallery. That was called ‘The Creation – A Seven Day Performance.’ I spent the week in the gallery. I lived there. And I learned a lot about myself… »

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