Aktive Poesie @ Ewa Partum. 1971-73

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Partum Ewa 1971-73 Aktive Poesie 1 Partum Ewa 1971-73 Aktive Poesie 2

- PARTUM Ewa, Aktive Poesie, 1971-73.

Ewa Partum (1945-Poland, Germany) was one of the pioneers of conceptual art in Poland and an important influence on the development of feminist performance art from the beginning. According to her motto ‘‘an act of throught is an act of art’’, her public actions and works on paper focus on the power of signs, the materialisation and the realightment of language, representation and mental images. Partum has been living and working in Berlin since 1983.

In the poetical actions of Aktive Poesie, Partum challenges conventional literary methods and the artistic and political use of language. She uses letters cut of white paper as symbols of a desintegrated text that exists only in her head. Her active poetry took place in many locations in Poland, both in urban settings and in nature, where she scattered letters on the ocean, or on a hill.

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