Activist (Anti) Manifesto for the Americas @ La Pocha Nostra. 2014. Viger Square. Montréal. Canada

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La Pocha Nostra 2014 Activist (Anti) Manifesto for-copie-1

- LA POCHA NOSTRA, Activist (Anti) Manifesto for the Americas, 2014, Viger Square, Montréal, Canada (June).

IX Encuentro-Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. Manifest: choreographing Social Movements in the Americas. Emboying a new activist anti-manifesti for the Americas with over 40 co-writers of the document, major indigenous activists and theorists from the Americas, overs 15 performers artists – gathering over 200 people. A performance intervention by La Pocha Nostra, Idle No More, Immigrant Workers Centre and Encuentro participants. Including: Peter Kulchyski, Hector Canong, Fabio Salvatti, Carolyn Vera, Lucero Medina, Karina Vargas, Marina Barsy, Elle Mehrmand, Leyneuf Tines, Alex Wilson, Elyla Sinvergüenza, Victor Payan, Inti Naxhielli Barrios, Sylvia Saysewahum, Sheelah Mclean, Antonio Bavaro, Julia Libertad. Images: Julio Pantoja, La Clau, Roderick Steele, Juliana Borrero.

La Pocha Nostra 2014 Activist (Anti) Manifesto for the Amer

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