A Sculpture in 2/3 Time @ Tom Marioni. 1974

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Marioni Tom A sculpture in 2:3 Time 1974

- MARIONI Tom (as Allan Fish), A Sculpture in 2/3 Time, Student Culture Center, Belgrade, Yusgoslavia, 1974.

« After polishing a smooth and reflective spot on an old rusted piece of steel I moved a wooden drumstick back and forth across the spot. On the underside of the spot was a contact microphone to amplify the sounds of all activity on the surface of the metal. The pendulum-like movement of the stick suggested a visual 1-2 rhythm, but the sound was 1-2-3 as in a waltz, because the stick moved from the rusted part of the metal across the polished spot and to the rusted metal on the other side. The sound superimposed on the action was 2 on 3. »

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