60 kg @ Rita Marhaug. 2010

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Marhaug Rita 2010 60 kg

- MARHAUG Rita, 60 kg, 2010, photo: Bjarte Bjørkum.

Part of Art Swap arranged by AktB in collaboration with Bbeyond from Belfast and Bergen Art Museum.

Showed the 31st of October 2010 at Bergen Art Museum.

4 artists from Bergen and 4 artists from Belfast showing performances.

Duration 5 hours (during whole day)

60 kg Norwegian one kroner coins (similar to the artist’s body weight) were placed in a cicrcle on the floor of the museum entrance. Circle diameter was 155cm, (artist’s body lentgh). During the opening time, the coins were stacked in columns into a small tower. At the end of performance, the structure collapsed.

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