40 Winks (The Message) @ Howard Fried. 1971

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Fried Howard 40 winks (the message) 1971

- FRIED Howard, 40 Winks (The Message). University Art Museum, Berkeley, Ca., 1971 (first part).

— Howard Fried, « Synchromatic Baseball, » Arts Magazine, v.47, April 1973, pp.60-63. In this lengthy article, Fried describes his works, Synchromatic Baseball [1971], Indian War Dance, and Indian Rope Trick [1972], and 40 Winks [1971]. Include photos. Excerpt on 40 Winks:

« On December 10, 1971 I staged a piece called 40 Winks for a show of free live performances at the Berkeley Museum. The piece had two parts. The first was a long involved message which was posed as a riddle and delivered by me. It began as I destroyed a candled birthday cake by eating it or kneading it with my hands. Among those topics dealt with in riddled form were the Biblical use of the number “40“ and the history of corporate and communal abuse of the individual in the name of larger social configurations. At the message’s conclusion I posed the riddle’s specific directive, “Who is they?“ At this point I cut the tablet I was reading from in half and walked out of the museum. A narrator told the audience that the second part of 40 Winks, “The Journey“ was about to begin. it would progressively add information possibly leading to the comprehension of the riddle. Those who wished to participate were asked to follow me. I began walking. A crowd followed. I answered no questions. The large group gradually dissipated. After about six hours of walking everyone had left except one person, Robin Winters. At about 2:00 A.M. we were stopped by the police in Hayward, California. They made me tell them the answer to the riddle. We went into a parking lot so Robin couldn’t hear.

The number “40“ was used twice by Executive decree to wipe out specific generation of people. Agent Moses presided over one job for 40 years while agent Noah presided over another for 40 days. I based my strategy on Agent Moses’s performance…

I planned to walk until everyone had freed themselves and gone home to their respective promised lands. »

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