33 Foot-Notes By Oz Moses @ Trans-parent Teacher's Ink, Paul Cotton. 1974

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Trans-parent Teacher's ink, Paul Cotton. 33 foot-notes by O

- TRANS-PARENT TEACHER’S INK. PAUL COTTON. MEDIUM, 33 Footnotes by Osmosis, 1974. 

Paul Cotton substantiating the self-reflexive form as book.

— 33 Foot-Notes, By Oz Moses, University Art Museum, Berkeley, 1974. « In a Spatial Projection at the Books by Artists exhibition The Astral-Naught Rabb-Eye purrformed. A tape of 33 footnotes wispered from Zippily Boo-Duh’s Tale substantiating the self-reflexive form of the blindfolded medium (Love is Blind), Paul Cotton, re-shaped Hymn-Self in one of 33 stations of the Cross(roads). »

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