1993 : chronologie performance

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- ALBARRACIN Pilar, Escaparates/Shop Windows, 1993-1995.

Action/performance: documentation photographie. In shop Windows. Albarracin interacted in an urban context, this time taking the place of the dummies in shop windows.

- ANTONI Janine, Loving Care, 1993.

- ANTONI Janine, Slumber, 1993.

- ARAHMAIANI, Four Faces, Biennale de Jakarta, Indonesia.

- ARCE Elia, Monologue Mom at Lace, 1993.

- ARCE Elia, Pre-performance. I have so many Stitches that some times I dream that I’m sick, 1993.

- ARNOLD Skeep, On Display, 1993. Linz. Autriche (action)

- BANANA Anna, Proof Positive that Germany is Going Bananas

A three and one-half month parody research project in Stuttgart, Berlin Mannheim, Bremen, Uelzen, Hamburg, Sierksdorf, Minden, Bergish-Gladbach, Kohl, Bonn, Frankfurt and Budapest from July through mid-October. Project funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

- BOGDANOVIC Nenad, Man Gallery-Cavellini’s Mail Art, 1993.

- BOGDANOVIC Nenad, Man Gallery-Communication, 1993, Novi Sad, Serbia.

- BOGDANOVIC Nenad, Man Gallery-Xerox Art, 1993, Belgrade.

- DONEGAN Cheryl, Kiss My Royal Irish Ass (K.M.R.I.A.). (action-vidéo). 7’, couleur. son.

- FLEMING Sherman, Pretending to Be Rock, 1993.

- FRANK Regina, L’Adieu-Pearl Before Gods, 1993, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC.

- GALAS Diamanda, Insektor, 1993.

- HUAN Zhang, Angel, 1993, Pékin, Chine.

- HUAN Zhang, The Third Leg, 1993.

- KWONG Dan, Monkhood in 3 easy Lessons, 1993.

- ORLAN, Omniprésence, 1993 (action charnelle). NYC.

- REKULA Heli, Hyperventilation, 1993 (photo).

- SCHNEEMANN Carolee, Ask the Goddess, 1993-97.

The Vulva speaks : « If the traditions of patriarchy split the féminine into debased/glamorized, sanitized/bloody, Madonna/whore… fractured body, how could Vulva enter the male realm except as « neutered » or neutral… « castrated » ? » In this 1991 performance, Schneeman personifies the vulvic realm in an exploration/examination of the cultural taboos and secret histories of the vulva. Vulva’s direct interaction with the viewer creates a visual, verbal and experiential dialogue with the audience. 

Schneeman, regarded as one of the few who consistently creates a heterosexual eroticism truly based in the féminine, unveils her latest studies, inviting the audience into this co-generative pièce.

- UKELES Mierle Laderman, RE-SPECT, 28 octobre 1993, Givors, France.

Performance with 27 city trucks, 3 barges, a recycled cobalt blue ‘‘diamond’’ on the barge deck. A 1 hour procession through town with trucks and also 100 kids, from a housing project, given adult used work gloves. Followed by a 3 movement ballet on the 650 foot quai along the River Rhone, consisting of Sanitation, Parks, and Fire choreography and then a surprise water component with 3 barges on the river. Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NYC.

- WEN Lee, Journey of a Yellow Man no.3 Desire, 1993, Singapore.

- WILKE Hannah & GODDARD Donald, Intra-Venus, 1993 (photo).

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