1983 : chronologie performance

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- ABRAMOVIC Marina & ULAY, Continental Videoseries, 1983-1986.

- ANDERSON Laurie, United States Part 1-4, 1983 (musique-vidéo).

- ANTIN Eleanor, El Desdichado (the Unlucky One). 1983. NYC.

- BANANA Anna, Banana Art Event on Granville Island, Vancouver, presented on CTV’s program, ‘Live it Up’. Documentated on video.

- BANANA Anna, Banana License Petition, 2 Weekends on Granville Island Market, Vancouver, documented on video.

- BROWN Trisha, Set & Reset, 1983. Costumes et décor: Robert Rauschenberg.

- BYARS James Lee, A Drop of Black Perfume, 1983.

- CONCIERTO ZAJ, Festival de performances de Paris, Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris, France. Performers : Ferrer/Hidalgo/Marchetti.

- CHILDS Lucinda, Available Light, 1983. Brooklyn Academy of Music. (danse)

- FERRER Esther, Como una cancion, Museo Vostell de Malpartida de Caceres, Espagne. 1983. Photo : Concha Jerez.

- FERRER Esther, Festival International de Video de San Sebastian, Espagne.

- FERRER Esther, Festival de Performance de Rennes, France. 

- FERRER Esther, La Primera media Hora. Fuera de Formato, Centre culturel de la ville de Madrid (Espagne). 

- FERRER Esther, Siluetas, (avec Juan Hidalgo), Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris, 1983 (photo. M. Ferrer).

- FRENZEL Hanna, Unter Druck, 13 sept. 1983. Berlin.

- FOX Terry, A Simple Demonstration, 1983, Galerie Löhrl, Mönchengladbach, Gemany.

- FOX Terry, Dutch Mirrors, 1983, Staddschouwberg, Amsterdam.

- FOX Terry, S.A., 1983, Lapis Arte, Salerno, Italy.

- HATOUM Mona, The Negotiating Table, 1983, The Western Front, Vancouver.

- HOMLER Anna, Breadwoman, 1983.

- JONES Joe, Solar Music Performance Neuss, 1983 (fluxus)

- KRIESCHE Richard, Eternal Light, 1983 (action)

- LABOWITZ Leslie, Haunted womanhouse, 1983.

- McCARTHY Paul. King of France, 1983. (action).

- MOL Kees, Herdentrieb, 1983. Bonn.

- MONTANO Linda & TEHCHING Hsieh, A Year Spent Tied Together at the Waist, (One Year Performance (aka Rope Piece, 1983-84. NYC.

- PAQUEE Ria, Waiting for my man who lost the war, 1983. Antwerpen.

- OLESZKO Pat, The You’re-A-Vision Song Contest, 1983. Eurovision.

- RAAP Jürgen, Hungerstreik, sept. 1983. Cologne (film).

- SAPIEN Darryl, Pixellage, 1983-84. San Francisco Opera House, with the San Francisco Ballet and choreographer Betsy Erickson. 

Ten dancers in white costumes interacteed with computer generated, animated scenery set to the music of Corelli played by a live orchestra. The synchronized interaction involved five couples choreographed to move into and out of a continuously moving colorful backdrop. In three movements the music, the choreography and scenery coalesced in response to different rhythms and tempi. The imagery revolved around a subtle thème of maintaining one’s humanity in a increasingly dehumanizing world. « Pixellage » was the first large scale live treatrical production using animated scenery that was entirely computer generated.

- SCHLEIME Cornelia, Unter weissen Tüchern, 1983.

Cornelia Schleime (1953, Germany) was born in East Berlin, studied makeup design and painting in Dresden and emigrated to West Berlin in 1984. In the 1970s, she created her first installations and performances, which led to her being banned from working. After she had moved to the West, her work continuously turned more towards painting. In 2008 she published Weit Fort, the story of a woman who falls in love with a Stasi informer.

Part of the series of super-8 films made between 1982 and 1984, Unter weissen Tüchen (Under White Fabrics) was intended to form a surreal, individual counterweight to the narrow definition of artistic images decreed by the state: A woman is tied to a door, which constantly opens and closes. Her body is completely tied up, the eyes are the only parts of her body she is able to move. This is an allegorical image for the way in which the artist (and her comrades in arms) were locked up inside the GDR.

- SCHMITZ Bernd & SASKIA Andrea, Aktion im Kurfürstenhof, 7 sept. 1983. Cologne.

- SCHNEEMANN Carolee, Fresh Blood-A Dream Morphology, 1983.

- SOOK Hye, Haunted Womanhouse, 1983.

- UKELES Mierle Laderman, The Social Mirror, 1983.

The Mirror Truck as it is known in Sanitation has been used since 1983 until today for parades and community festivals. It is considered a honor to drive it.

- VAARA Roi, White Man, 27 mai 1983. Helsinski.

- WEBB Boyd, Nemesis, 1983.

- YENI & NAN, Transfiguration Element Earth (Transfiguracion elemento tierra), 1983.

A woman’s face appears, covered in clay. Little by little the clay starts to dry on her skin as the water evaporates. Successively, the artist lifts her wet hands to her cheeks to return the clay’s elasticity and bright colour, refreshing it once again – a mask of flesh, earth and water visualising aging and renewing processes; a cyclical performance materialising the eternal cycles of life and death to which all human beings are subjected.

Photographs registering a performance in Sala Mendoza, Caracas, September 21 & October 2, 1983. Photography: Carlos German Rojas.

- ZAJ, Festival Polyphonix, Paris. Performers : Ferrer/Hidalgo/Marchetti.

- ZAJ, Festival Polyphonix, Milan. Performers : Ferrer/Hidalgo/Marchetti.

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