From Margin to Center by JH Reiss. The MIT Press. 2001

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From Margin to Center. The Spaces of Installation Art by JH Reiss. The MIT Press. 2001. Unlike traditionnal art works, Installation art has no autonomous existence. It is usually created for a paticular exhibition space, and its meaning is dependent on site and witness. Installation art originated as a redical art form presented only an alternative art spaces; its assimilation into mainstream museums and galleries is a relatively recent phenomenon. The move of installation art from the margin to the center of the art world has had farreaching effects on the works cretad and on the museum practice.
This is the first book-length study of the Installation art. Julie Reiss concentrates on some of the central figures in its emergence, including artists, critics, and curators. Her primary focus is installations created in New York City - which has a particularly rich history of Installation art - beginning in the late 1950s. She takes us from Allan Kaprow's 1950's environments to examples from minimalism, performance art, and process art to establish Installation art's autonomy as well as its relationship to other movements.

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