The Greetings @ Bill Viola. 1995

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The Greeting, 1995
Video/sound installation
Artist's Proof 2: Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Partial and promised gift of an anonymous donor P.4.95.
A large projection screen mounted to the wall shows two women engaged in conversation when they are interrupted by the arrival of a third woman. A slight wind comes up and the light subtly shifts as the new woman arrives to greet her friend, ignoring the third woman. As the two embrace, she leans and whispers something to her friend, further isolating the other woman. With an underlying awkwardness, introductions are then made and pleasantries exchanged between the three. The image is composed in the manner of a traditional religious painting of The Visitation. The action is presented in extreme slow motion, allowing the nuance of every fleeting glance and gesture to become heightened and remain suspended in the viewer's conscious awareness. None of the women's actions or intentions are explained or become apparent, and the event remains an ambiguous, speculative gesture in constant circulation.

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