The Crossing @ Bill Viola. 1996

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The Crossing, 1996
Video/sound installation
Edition 1: The Bohen Foundation; Promised gift to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.
The violent annihilation of a human figure by opposing natural forces of fire and water is projected simultaneously on two large screens. A man approaches from a long distance in slow motion. He finally stops and stands still. On one screen, flames appear at his feet and quickly spread to consume his entire body. On the other screen, water pours down from above, increasing until he becomes completely inundated. In the end, the man is gone and only small flickering flames on a burnt floor remain in the one image, while a few lingering drops of water fall onto a soaked floor in the other. The two traditional natural elements of fire and water appear here not only in their destructive aspects, but manifest their cathartic, purifying, and transformative capacities as well.

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