Room For St John Of The Cross @ Bill Viola. 1983

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Room for St. John of the Cross, 1983
Video/sound installation, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; The El Paso Natural Gas Company Fund for California Art.
Through a window in a black cubicle in a black room, a small color monitor on wooden table is visible. The monitor displays a color image of a tranquil snow covered mountain. A voice quietly reciting the poems of the Spanish mystic St. John of the Cross can barely be heard from within. Outside, a large image projected on the wall shows black-and-white images of snow covered mountains in constant wild, chaotic movement. A loud roaring sound fills the space like a storm. St. John's poems often describe love, ecstasy, flying, and passage through the dark night. They were written while he was held prisoner in a tiny windowless and cell and tortured by the Inquisition for nine months in the year 1577. 

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