Passage @ Bill Viola. 1987

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Video/sound installation
Edition 1: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; Accessions Committee Fund: gift of Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Fisher, Susan and Robert Green, Pamela and Richard Kramlich, and Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Walker, Jr. A long narrow corridor leads to a small inner room where a large projection fills an entire wall.
A videotape of a child's birthday party is being played back in extreme slow motion, taking seven hours to unfold. The room architecture places the viewer uncomfortably close to the image, and the deep rumbling sound of the slowed children's voices fills the space. An architectural structure enclosing time, the hallway and viewing room frame an image that transcends human scale in both time and space, placing the child's birthday party in the internal, subjective domain of ritual, memory and emotive association.

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