Home @ Steina & Woody Vasulka. 1973

Publié le par Olivier Lussac

1973, 16:47 min, color, sound
Home is an early experiment in which the Vasulkas transform ordinary household objects through analog imaging devices. With humor and a sense of spontaneous discovery, they animate everyday objects through the application of electronic effects which serve as a primer of early imaging techniques: horizontal drift of layered image planes; colorizing; keying. Apples, shoes, bottles, teapots come to life in surreal tableaux that suggest psychedelic Magritte paintings, as the Vasulkas transform still lifes through the inner dynamic of electronic image processing.
Dual Colorizer: Eric Siegel. Video Sequencer/Video Keyer: George Brown. Line-locked Strobe: Steve Rutt.

Publié dans Art vidéo - cinéma

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