You Can't Lick Stamps In China @ N. J. Paik & G. Battcock. 1978

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by Nam June Paik and Gregory Battcock
1978, 28:34 min, color, sound
A collaboration with the late art critic Gregory Battcock, You Can't Lick Stamps in China begins as a witty travelogue that explores the position of the Western tourist in relation to other cultural contexts. Created for the Visa series, which was conceived by Paik to highlight artistic/cultural explorations, the tape takes the form of a document of Battcock's two-month cruise to China. The trip is then reframed and recontextualized at a reunion of Battcock's fellow travellers, during which they watch the original travel footage and comment on their experiences. Ultimately, the tape considers the mediation of reality through
memory and images.
Camera: Gregory Battcock, Joe Gold, Dimitri Devyatkin, Bob Harris. Narration: Russell Connor. Excerpts by Shigeko Kubota, Jud Yalkut, Pamela Souza, Joyce Chen, Elliot Rose, John J. Godfrey, Tom DeFanti, Phil Morton. Produced by the International Television Workshop and the TV Lab at WNET/Thirteen.

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