Vusac-NYC @ Nam June Paik. 1984

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VUSAC-NY, 1984
by Nam June Paik with Betsy Connors and Paul Garrin.
1984, 27:10 min, color, sound
In Vusac -- NY, Paik continues his postmodern project of recontextualizing footage from his earlier tapes, updating and transforming familiar images. This collaborative pastiche merges Paul Garrin's reprocessing of the 1975 Suite 212 with Betsy Connor's clay-animation "interludes." New York is envisioned as a multicultural microcosm in a dizzying collage that includes a frenetic tour of Coney Island, Little Italy, The Museum of the American Indian, and St. John the Divine. Performances by Allen Ginsberg and Joseph Beuys, as well as material from Paik's 1984 international satellite broadcast Good Morning Mr. Orwell, are juxtaposed with Connor's wry observations on New York's art and culture industry and Garrin's exquisite computer processing -- a vibrant, eclectic mix that transcends the title of "visual muzak."
Interludes: Betsy Connors. Image-Processing: Paul Garrin. Contributing Filmmakers: Bob Parent, Jud Yalkut.

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