Two Channel Music Tape: Spring/Fall @ P. Garrin & N. J. Paik. 1986

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 by Paul Garrin and Nam June Paik
1986, 32:20 min, color, sound, Two Channels
This visual tour de force of images and image-processing was created by Paik and Garrin to be viewed as two simultaneous channels of video on two monitors. Densely layered and richly textured, this kinetic visual collage comprises a virtual index of Paik's eclectic, intertextual content: haunting images of the late artists Joseph Beuys and Julien Beck, glimpses of John Cage and Laurie Anderson, emblematic images from Paik's earlier works, witty erotic interludes. Rhythmically altered and transposed through Garrin and Paik's image-processing techniques, these elements coalesce as an evocative, stream-of-consciousness flow of memories. Vibrant and poetic, Two Channel Music Tape: Spring/Fall is a "music" video with a typically subversive twist: One channel is accompanied only by the sounds of the ocean; the other channel is silent, so that the viewer may choose his/her own audio accompaniment.

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