"Topless Cellist" C. Moorman @ H. Weinberg @ N. J. Paik. 1995

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by Howard Weinberg and Nam June Paik
1995, 30 min, color, sound
Nam June Paik's first single-channel videotape since 1989 is a heartfelt tribute to his long-time collaborator Charlotte Moorman. This portrait traces Moorman's career as an avant-garde performer, from her classical training to her notorious arrest as the "Topless Cellist" and subsequent talk-show celebrity. Rare documentations of Moorman's performances include Otto Piene's Sky Kiss and Jim McWilliams' Chocolate Cello. Interviews with Moorman's friends, family and collaborators, such as Yoko Ono, Christo and Jeanne Claude, Otto Piene, and Barbara Moore, among others, provide intimate recollections of the inimitable Moorman.
Editor: Janice E. Young. Coordinating and Music Producer: Stephen Vitiello. Researcher: Maria Rosa Fort Brescia. Interview Camera: Howard Weinberg/New York, Sandra Roberts/Little Rock, Vin Grabill/Boston, Your Media Image/San Diego. On-line Editor: Mitch Brody. Still animation: Angelique Thermes, Yvetot Gouin.
Production Assistance: Electronic Arts Intermix, Arthur White, Center for Advanced Visual Studies MIT. Post Production Facilities: Private Idaho, Gary Sharfin, Nexus Productions Inc, The Tape House, Mark Polyocan.

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