Nam June Paik: Tigerlives. 1999

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1999, 45 min, color, sound
Tiger Lives is a re-edited compendium of footage from Paik's classic videotapes, re-assembled in 1999 with new material and vivid electronic processing. Commissioned for broadcast on Korean television as part of Korea's Millennium celebration, Tiger Lives presents a flow of images and scenarios that signify rituals of hope and strength, in personal as well as cultural contexts. Paik is seen creating art works, singing a Korean folk song, and performing a duet of Larry Miller's Sentinel with Tracey Leipold. Familiar Paik icons (such as the dancers from Global Groove, Charlotte Moorman, and John Cage) have been re-envisioned through Korean artist Seoungho Cho's electronic image processing, and set to Stephen Vitiello's original music. The image of two tigers, representing North and South Korea, further illustrates Paik's project of exploring the unity of time, space and cultures through his art.
Editor: Seoungho Cho. Producer: Stephen Vitiello.

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