Living With Living Theater @ N. J. Paik, B. Connors & P. Garrin. 1989

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by Nam June Paik with Betsy Connors and Paul Garrin.
1989, 28:30 min, color, sound
One of Paik's most compelling and poignant tapes, Living with the Living Theatre pays tribute to Judith Malina and the late Julien Beck, founder of the Living Theatre. Reversing the theme of the earlier Allan 'n' Allen's Complaint, which dealt with two artists and their relationships to their fathers, Paik explores Malina and Beck's relationship to their children. Interviews provide the memories of actual lives lived together, while Betsy Connors' animated sequences transcend the specific to suggest the universality of childhood. Garrin and Paik edit these elements into an electronic synthesis that is at times dizzyingly psychedelic and always affectionate towards its subjects. Infused with personal and cultural memories that evoke time and place -- Janis Joplin concert footage, Living Theatre performances -- Paik creates a haunting, deeply moving homage.
Including works by Jonas Mekas, Janis Joplin, Joyce Wieland, Alan and Susan Raymond, Sheldon Rocklin. Camera: Lorenzo Bianda, Kit Fitzgerald, Peter Guyer, Bob Harris, Rob Oudendijk, Ann Volkes. Editors: Rick Feist, Tom Crawford, Stephen Goel (GBS Video). Executive Producer: Lori Zippay. A Co-Production of WGBH New Television Workshop, Electronic Arts Intermix, and Nam June Paik Video Design.

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