Bye Bye Kipling @ Nam June Paik. 1986

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1986, 30:32 min, color, sound
This ambitious live satellite link-up of Japan, Korea and the United States features interviews with Keith Haring and architect Arata Isozaki, and performances and works by Philip Glass and the Kodo Drummers, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, and Lou Reed. In an extraordinary section, a performance in Japan of classical Western music is accompanied by a group of Kabuki dancers. As with Good Morning Mr. Orwell, Paik designed the linking graphic sequences, including one of his video sculptures, and coordinated the event. The theme of the show was the drawing together of Eastern and Western cultures via satellite technology. Hosted by Dick Cavett, this event is a collage of intercultural entertainment, performance, art, and communications technology.
Conceived and coordinated by Nam June Paik. Producer: Carol Brandenburg. A Production of WNET/New York, the Korean Broadcasting System, and Asahi National Broadcasting, Ltd. Editor of single-channel version: Skip Blumberg.

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