Wall-Floor Positions @ Bruce Nauman. 1968

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60 min, b&w, sound
In this videotape Nauman assumes a set of positions in relation to a wall and floor similar to those he had executed for an untitled 1965 performance, which he described as "standing with my back to the wall for about forty-five seconds or a minute, leaning out from the wall, then bending at the waist, squatting, sitting, and finally lying down. There were seven different positions in relation to the wall and floor. Then I did the whole sequence again standing away from the wall, facing the wall, then facing left and right. There were twenty-eight positions and the whole presentation lasted an hour."

Wall/Floor Positions  
58:31 1968
Making himself into a “minimalist” prop sculpture in the manner of Richard Serra, Nauman moves through various  poses in realtion to the floor and wall. While other sculptors  were using wood planks, pieces of lead, or sheets of steel, Nauman uses his body to explore the space of the room, turning it into a sort of yardstick to investigate and measure the dimensions of the space. 

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