Running Tape @ Vito Acconci. 1969

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1969, 30 min, Audio CD
Running Tape is an endurance piece that Acconci made in New York's Central Park on August 26, 1969, as one of a series of what he terms "tape situations." This piece relates to Acconci's performance and film works of the same period.
Acconci describes the process of this piece as follows: "Cassette recorder on my belt, microphone in my hand. Running, and counting each step as a I run. (When I have to -- when my words get jumbled, when I'm out of breath - I stop and breathe into the microphone, catching my breath, until I can continue my run, continue my count.)"
Running Tape is one of a series of newly restored early conceptual audio works by Acconci. These works are now available from EAI on audio CD.

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