Full Circle @ Vito Acconci. 1973

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1973, 30 min, b&w, sound
This historical Acconci videotape, produced by Art/Tapes/22 in Florence, Italy in 1973, is being made available for the first time in decades through EAI's Video Preservation Program. Writes Acconci: "I walk in a circle around the camera: sometimes I'm on screen, sometimes I'm off, sometimes I change direction, leaving the screen on one side and coming back on the same side. Every five minutes or so, the location changes: my circle is continuous while the background shifts: bare walls -- a corner with a window on one wall -- outside, on a roof, with sky as the ground -- outside, on a terrace, with other buildings and windows as the ground -- inside, in a living room, bookcase and couch in the background. I'm silent; there's a voice-over, it's my voice: on screen, I'm talking about circling you, wrapping myself around you, as I did around 'her,' a person from my past: a kind of trap. When I go off screen, the talk shifts, becomes dreamier -- fantasy talk, quasi-hypnotic -- it's as if we're on a beach, we're covered by sand -- it's as if we're in a field, we're rolling down a hill."
Produced by Art/Tapes/22

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