Organic Honey. Vertical Roll @ Joan Jonas. 1972

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Jonas Joan Organic Honey 73

- JONAS Joan, Organic Honey’s Vertical Roll, 1973. NYC.

First performed in 1973 at the Toselli Gallery, Milan, Italy.

« I became interested in masks when I went to Japan in 1970. I went to the Kabuki and the No theatre every day for a month, and the level of abstraction of sound and image, the use of time in the No made a deep impression on me. I found the mask in a place where pornographic objects are sold to be used as erotic turn ons. The erotic overtones affected the content of my work and I became fascinated with the ways the mask transformed my movements and the appearance of my body. That this character was my opposite and a stranger was what interested me. She was Organic Honey and by dressing in different costumes she played different roles; the sorceress, the seducer, the narcissistic child… there are some aspects of the cutie doll/painted woman that are repellent and intriguing at the same time. I also used the mask to cover my face and whatever expression might be on it at a given moment.

I wanted to depersonalize myself.

I wrote that script after I performed the piece. The material didn’t have a hard exterior structure, as most of my films and tapes do. It developped day by day and I throught of it in terms of a musical score in which sound and image follow one another in a certain rhythm. Nevertheless, certain themes did predominate, such as the idea of the opposite light and dark, black and white, sun and moon, and finally left side and right side in relation with the monitor – the monitor does not reverse the image as the mirror does… » (see Lea Vergine, p. 123)

 Jonas Joan organic Honey vertical roll 72 photo. Babette Mangolte.

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