Sonic Fiction. Synaesthetic Video from Austria (dvd)

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Sonic Fiction. Synaesthetic Video from Austria, Vienne, Index DVD Edition, DVD 014.

A DVD release celebrating the extraordinary young video and electronic music scene in Austria. These are radical avant-garde works that emerge logically from modern electronic music. The images sometimes tie in with the earliest pure abstract avant-garde films, but reveal themselves in everything to be exponents of contemporary digital technology.

- Lia, Hardvideo/G.S.I.L.XIX, 2003
- Nik Thoenen et Timo Novotny, Neon, 2003
- Michaela Grill et Martin Siewert, Trans, 2003
- Thomas Aigelsreiter, Key West, 2002
- Didi Bruckmayr et Michael Strohman, Ich bin traurig, 2004
- Karo Goldt, Falcon, 2003
- Billy Roisz, Blinq, 2002
- M.ash, Cubica, 2002
- (n:ja), Frame, 2002
- Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Sun, 2003
- Michaela Schwentner, Jet, 2003

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